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The Kalfest

Social Media Management

The Kalfest is also known as The Kolkata Art Festival is a contemporary art fair and a model of dialogue and collaborations between budding artists, art galleries, art buyers and art connoisseurs who come together every year on the same street.

It provides an opportunity for emerging, independent artists to get discovered and enjoy the attention along with the established artists.

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Our Approach

We were honoured to partner with them to run their event campaign for 2019 which majorly included handling their social media marketing.

As we believe that creativity comes from constraint, we offered followers a simple-yet-structured way to showcase their art and sparked the inspiration for thousands of pieces of content hence creating a feel-good relationship with their followers and fanbases. 

We invited the followers to get involved in advocacy too! This blending of the “real” world and social media created a sense of slight urgency that prompted users to engage.

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