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La Waffle Wall Illustration.png

Là Waffle

Branding & Packaging

A waffle exclusive connoisseur with an artistic and artisanal approach to indulgence making. It is located in the fast-paced city of Gurgaon.

Our Approach

In the research we conducted, we paid close attention to an in-depth benchmarking, of the competitors and understand the brand value could work in alignment with the process of purchasing by the customers. We identified emotional involvement which engages the audience with a sense of exuberance.

Brand Identity and Graphic Design

The wall of the waffle house is filled with illustrations that draw in dessert lovers with a chic allure. Waffle is the star product of the brand which is featured through the brand identity of La Waffle. 

The brand identity was inspired by French aesthetics but in a contemporary and dynamic reinterpretation. The inspiration for the signature illustration of the brand originates from the streets of french bakeries in Paris. We picked a dark shade of blue with popping colours to bring focus to the waffles. These elements make the entire design more prominent, distinctive and full of vibrancy.


Packaging Design

La Waffle’s mantra is to bring joy to people through their sweet efforts.

The brief demands a clear and minimal, yet impactful brand positioning. Through a detailed strategy, we recognised differential factors which draw the prospective customers. Guided by this, vibrant brand personality, we created authentic, fun aesthetics.

A brand which is as delicious and appealing as the best waffles in town.

Menu Design

We have a strong outlook and are dedicated to our special idea here at the core of La Waffle. The menu spotlights the hero product- the waffle.  We appreciate minimalism and highlight featuring key components.

We are continually looking for and making new associations with french playful aesthetics that produce adoration, enthusiasm and decent moral qualities. That is the place where we find entrancing quality.

Using elegant tones and strong typography was intentional so that it would be matching perfectly with the main interior and exterior details and atmosphere on the whole.

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