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Miss Ginko is an Asian artisanal food restaurant in the city of joy- Kolkata. Ginkōis Japanese for ‘Longevity’. The brand's purpose is to connect with the audience and have them experience the emotion of Asian mysticism. 

Spatial Branding, Graphic Design

Roadies Rostel is an adventurous haven designed exclusively for spirited youth and intrepid travellers. This network of hotels aims to instil the essence of Roadies, the beloved pop-culture phenomenon, into every traveller's journey. With a vision to encourage travel as an integral part of one's lifestyle, Roadies Rostel promises an unparalleled experiential stay.

Roadies Rostel

Social Media Management, Content Writing

The house of AC from Kolkata aims to deliver design uniquely, with a combination of creativity and craftsmanship. The interior design industry is competitive where a unique proposition helps establish authority in the market. A solid brand literature strategy is key in facilitating this goal.

Social Media Management

Redefining the craft of corsetry is a goal for Rohan Pariyar, the high-end modern corset designer. Rohan Pariyar's magnificent collection reinvents the mediaeval-laced jacket as a stunning item of apparel in and of itself. We at TACT had the honour of working with Rohan Pariyar and managing their marketing and branding initiatives. We set out to highlight the best of sophistication, empowerment, and innovation by incorporating their brand philosophy into every facet of our work.

Rohan Pariyar
Eori BioLeather

Social Media Management, Website

Eori is a brilliant innovation in the field of sustainable clothing. Eori offers a tremendous advancement in plant-based vegan leather, providing a high-performing and moral substitute that causes no environmental impact. For environmentally concerned consumers looking for style without compromising their environmental ideals, Eori Bioleather redefines the idea of leather and offers a guilt-free alternative. Eori establishes a new benchmark for luxurious cruelty-free products with an appearance, feel, and performance similar to typical leather.

Branding & Social Media Management

A revolution in fashion with an iconic, fresh perspective in luxury couture. Our team developed a robust social and aesthetic experience targeted at female millennials. 
AAxA connects directly with uber-chic women through bespoke fashion finesse. The brand’s customers want to trend, new value-driven stories with designs.


Social Media Management

Sozenkari is a modern ethnic and occasion-wear clothing brand infused with contemporary thinking that makes handcrafted designs inspired by various cultures worldwide. The brand is an ode to traditional Bengal craftsmanship holding hands with contemporary designs while being influenced by Indian heritage. 


Shaping the world for difference- bridging the gap of contemporary India. 
WeFixGaps, a social impact organization in India, is working to build a more holistic support system for people with learning and thinking differences because of the lack of opportunity, from childhood to adulthood. For many, the world isn’t the same and doesn't include them as it progresses.


Branding & Packaging

La Waffle is a waffle exclusive connoisseur with an artistic and artisanal approach to indulgence making. It is located in the fast-paced city of Gurgaon.

Branding, Packaging & Social Media Management 

GourBae is bringing a new outlook to superfood. Each product is manufactured with the best quality sourced ingredients. The demand for organic and healthy food is rising rapidly everywhere around the globe. Organic products create a healthy lifecycle for the environment. That is what GourBae is vouching for.


Branding & Social Media Management

Rajeshwari brings a luxury bedding set that will always be a wise investment. Our main task was to bring brand awareness to Rajeshwari through social media strategies. We wanted to reach a target audience and bring to their attention the tradition, quality and long-lasting harmony that Rajeshwari bedlinen can create in any space.

Re-branding & Graphic Design

Hooray Playschool is a pre-school-level education institute in Kolkata. Setting themselves apart from traditional ways of education, their philosophy is to encourage learning by using various activities and experiences for immersive and engaging holistic knowledge of the child.

Prospectus MockUp 5.png
Nirdhan - 5.jpg


Nirdhan, a not-for-profit charitable organisation was founded in 2011. They provide livelihood promotion programmes through backyard poultry farming to the people who are below the poverty line according to international standards. The organisation contacted TACT to flip its existing brand into an identity that inspires everyone.

Re-branding, Website

Diamond Argo Products is invested in building the future of farming. They enable global sourcing and procurement for agri-commodities, while also resolving demand-supply gaps in the international trade of food grains, animal feed, spices, superfoods, and others.


Website, Packaging

Nutriven was founded to address malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, and hidden hunger in India and other countries. They draw on their extensive experience in agriculture commodities to offer comprehensive solutions and expertise in food fortification that help achieve this goal.

Social Media Management

Palazzo Marbles is synonymous with opulence and sophistication in the world of exquisite stones. Based in Kolkata and spanning three generations, Palazzo Marbles is not just about marbles; it boasts a stunning collection of granite, quartz, and other breathtaking stones.

Palazzo Marbles

Social Media Management

Goados pushes the boundaries of fashion while still keeping simplicity in classic staple pieces. Their pieces are designed to allow the customer to express themselves through clothing.
What is it, and who is it for? Goados asked us to help design content to connect with their target demographic.

Branding & Social Media Management

The Orange Republic partnered with TACT for building an online community on social media. The new aesthetics is a blend of information and minimalism. Check out how we incorporated features and design elements that engage thought and a conversation.


Social Media Management

Central Modern School (CMS) in 1988, as the most advance sophisticated institute in the country. As a result, the school routinely partners with industries, government and other educational institutes to execute its holistic student-centred approach.

Social Media Management

Alaknanda TMT  previously known as - Universal TMT Bar, has supplied quality reinforcements for prestigious projects throughout India since 2018. Therefore, discover how we have achieved a beautiful balance of robust utility and brand positioning aligning with Universal TMT's brand identity in their social media marketing.

Alaknanda - Display Picture.jpg
Studio Falcon

Social Media Management

Studio Falcon is an architectural and interior design firm that believes in crafting spaces that embody your individuality. Our unique approach to design ensures that every project is curated with innovative ideas that seamlessly blend with your personality, creating an extension of your essence. At TACT, we had the privilege of collaborating with Studio Falcon, spearheading their marketing, branding, and content endeavours. With a shared passion for design that embraces personal expression, we wove the brand's philosophy into every aspect of our work.


Social Media Management

Flavourbox partnered with TACT to establish a unique brand identity and build a robust online community through social media campaigns. 
Flavorbox is a gourmet food company offering cooking kits crafted from scratch using the best ingredients out there, with the most delicious results.


Social Media Management

Potboiler wanted to be known as a haven for avid readers and foodies with the old-world charm of a quaint European coffee shop.
Be it the minimalist facade or the whitewashed walls, the cafe had a colonial ambience.

Re-Branding, Packaging & Social Media Management 

Ovenly is a fresh dessert shop based in Mumbai. TACT was not only tasked with bringing its online presence up to date but also giving the bakery a major rebrand, including a new visual identity, content writing, food styling, photoshoot and updating their packaging.


Social Media Management

Bala is a sustainable luxury womenswear label. They strive to retain the dying craft of India and India's old-world charm by merging it with contemporary designs and styling targeted toward the globalised young fashionista all the while working with industrial waste and plant-based fibres.

Social Media Management

Kritika Bagaria is an educational consultancy firm which helps students identify their purpose and integrate their life experiences into their college applications. They approached us to run a campaign on education and communication for them on social media to increase awareness, and evoke interest and loyalty towards them and their services.


The Kalfest

Social Media Management 

The Kalfest is also known as The Kolkata Art Festival is a contemporary art fair and a model of dialogue and collaborations between budding artists, art galleries, art buyers and art connoisseurs who come together every year on the same street.


Every special occasion begins with a fun party invitation to set the tone. 
The more meaningful the celebration, the more power a high-quality custom invitation can have to make the ideal first impression on your guests.


Social Media Management, Content Writing

SHKE is a reimagined co-working space in Kolkata which sought to create a creative ecosystem for business innovation manifestation and growth. They provide an ensemble of coworking & business innovation services helping build and expand businesses through exclusive partnerships and collaborations.

Website Building

A premier business consultancy and service provider specializing in investments in real estate and corporate ventures. Our partnership with Francom Group involved a comprehensive overhaul of their website design and content, aimed at enhancing their online presence and showcasing their esteemed services to a global audience.

Tact Creatives (1).jpg

Website Building

A visionary platform founded by the trailblazing social entrepreneur, Ken Chester. a US-based social impact entrepreneur driven by the desire to tackle inflation's impact on consumers and provide small businesses with innovative solutions, they have re-engineered bulk purchasing from the ground up. Our partnership was a fusion of creativity and purpose, aimed at revolutionizing the way people shop for perishable items. 

Branding, Website Building

Led by the esteemed Clinical Psychologist, Varuna Sharma. Our partnership focused on crafting a digital presence that reflects Mindfull State's commitment to guiding individuals on their mental wellness journey. We worked closely with Varuna Sharma to develop a visual identity that resonates with individuals seeking support and healing.

Mindfull State
Pranic Healing


Partnered with the esteemed All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundations Trust to bring their transformative vision to life. Our collaborative effort centered around crafting an engaging brochure design and captivating content to shine a spotlight on the foundation's revered Stress Management Workshop. Led by the esteemed Guruji Shri C. Kailash, this workshop is a beacon of hope and healing for individuals seeking to reclaim balance and vitality in their lives.

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