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House of AC

Content Writing

The house of AC from Kolkata aims to deliver design uniquely, with a combination of creativity and craftsmanship. The interior design industry is competitive where a unique proposition helps establish authority in the market.


A solid brand literature strategy is key in facilitating this goal. Brand voice is an essential part of brand vision and personality. It is the perfect way of using the magic of words to showcase skill and value to clients. Creating engaging content that attracts a potential audience with a storyline.


TACT collaborated with the then Art Collection to come up with new ways of dealing with what more AC their abbreviation can mean. We ideated several explorations of what ‘AC’ can be. It required understanding the established company ideology and its projected vision for its future. 

Our Approach

Consumers are no longer simply looking at the functionality of a product they wish to buy. They also want to align with a brand story that resonates with them. To attract them, TACT synced the House of AC brand message with ease to their target audience.


In essence, the brand content stands on key points- value, relevance and information to lure, acquire or amuse an audience. The objective is to break through the clutter and differentiate from competitors by becoming a reliable and trusted option in design. Our team assisted House of AC to gain a competitive advantage and acquire new customers with content marketing.

Social Media Management


Changing Target Audience perspectives, and needs- along with changing competitive landscape- led House of AC to evolve its marketing strategy and online presence.


The business needs consistency and clarity while expressing its brand propositions. TACT help sync its Social media platforms with its brand personality that is chic, clean and direct. 

For House of AC, identity evolved to introduce new elements to its recognisable icon and develop an expanded visual system to flex across every touchpoint.


TACT creates a strong association with its existing portfolio, but the differences come through the supporting graphics, colours and patterns.


Website Content

Our digital agency achieved a beautiful balance of robust client utility and brand positioning alignment through content in their custom web design

Reinvigorating the House of AC brand started with an in-depth analysis to guide the direction of brand language, incorporating the new with the original brand one into one harmonious brand voice.

Having then defined and articulated a clear positioning, we developed the accompanying brand identities to give a global, upmarket and modern feel to each brand according to its target customer.

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