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Central Modern School and Central Modern College of Education

Social Media Management

Central Modern School (CMS) in 1988, as the most advance sophisticated institute in the country. As a result, the school routinely partners with industries, government and other educational institutes to execute its holistic student-centred approach.
We focused to streamline their message and content to enlighten future students of every age.

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Our Approach

Therefore, creating content to highlight how CMS instils skills to its students to be ready for the world, and new careers and improve their lives and society. Working from extensive research, stakeholder insights and team collaboration, we drew a flow of content, creativity and strategy together.

As a result, our research revealed many questions the audience is looking for. Creatives cover questions including how the school adds value to the child’s development?
The trending events of the school and how the school channels its resources to help children realise their potential. We focused our strategy and design while making the experience as direct as possible with clarity.

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