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Social Media Management 

Sozenkari is a modern ethnic and occasion wear clothing brand infused with contemporary thinking that makes handcrafted designs inspired by various cultures around the world. The brand is an ode to the traditional Bengal craftsmanship holding hands of contemporaneous designs while being influenced by Indian heritage.

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Our Approach

Firstly, every brand identity flourishes with a process of identity construction that involves brand aesthetics and presentation. This process involves a play of typography and colour palettes which further unpacks a free-flowing motion between brand engagement and interaction specific to the target audience. There is an evident dynamic shift of view and authenticity.

Social media plays a massive role in how users perceive the fashion brand. There is more to social media than meets the eye. With a sound strategy, you can successfully funnel social media users to purchase from your ensemble.

Sozenkari campaigns devised by TACT have been evocative and distinctive. The visual language is kept minimalistic to emanate art and cultural forms that inspire the designs shared from traditional heirlooms. The ensembles are luxuries with a touch of craft and intricate fineries. This unique aesthetic inclination has led to the pervasiveness of distinguishing brand imagery.

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