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Roadies Rostel

Roadies Rostel 

Brand Identity Design

Roadies Rostel is an adventurous haven designed exclusively for spirited youth and intrepid travellers. This network of hotels aims to instil the essence of Roadies, the beloved pop-culture phenomenon, into every traveller's journey. With a vision to encourage travel as an integral part of one's lifestyle, Roadies Rostel promises an unparalleled experiential stay.


At the heart of our creative venture lies the brand's philosophy, which we have woven into every element of our work. As we delve into the logo and brand identity creation, we seek to embody the very spirit of Roadies Rostel – a perfect balance of grunge and modernity, capturing the imagination of the fearless explorers.

Our Approach

The logo stands as the beacon of the brand, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of all who encounter it. With bold black font intertwined with a golden italic twist, it narrates a tale of boldness and audacity. This dynamic combination pays homage to the iconic Roadies brand and portrays the allure of an uncharted adventure waiting to unfold.

Drawing inspiration from the thrilling journeys of Roadies, our design choices infuse the spaces with a sense of untamed exploration. The contemporary yet rustic ambience creates an atmosphere of excitement, urging guests to embrace the thrill of the unknown.


As we embark on this branding journey, we envision Roadies Rostel as more than just hotels – a mindset, a way of life. Our marketing copy weaves a captivating narrative that beckons the wanderers and free spirits. We invite them to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, forging unforgettable memories at every stop along their journey.


Roadies Rostel is a network of hotels curating an intrepid experience that resonates deeply with adventurous souls. When guests enter these vibrant spaces, they are greeted with camaraderie, as if joining a tribe of explorers.

Roadies Rostel Inauguration
Roadies Rostel

With an unwavering focus on providing a differential benefit, Roadies Rostel promises a place to rest and a platform for unforgettable encounters and experiences. We aim to ignite the wanderlust within every traveller, inspiring them to embark on thrilling escapades that enrich their lives.


Whether it's solo backpackers seeking to find their path or groups of friends craving a memorable adventure, Roadies Rostel caters to all who yearn to wander. It's a celebration of the indomitable spirit of youth, united by the love of travel and the desire to create their unique stories.


Join us in this exciting journey as we bring the adventurous spirit of Roadies through our experiential modern hotels to life. Together, let's embrace the world with wide-eyed wonder and forge unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Samyati, the Rostel Diner – is where culinary mastery meets the passion of travel and exploration. We proudly present this stunning branding designed to arouse amazement and elegance through arresting illustrations.

At TACT, we dug deep to understand Samyat's core values and incorporated them into every facet of our work. Our graphic components bring the idea of exploration to life, focusing on travel and adventure. The custom-styled logo, which was thoughtfully created to radiate a sense of hierarchy and advanced sophistication, is the centrepiece of our project. The typography's rustic look captures the spirit of daring exploration in a commanding and compelling way.

We added delicate lines that provide a pleasing balance to accompany this assertive statement, giving the total brand a refined feel. It's a warm, inviting finish that welcomes guests to start their culinary adventure. More than just a restaurant, Samyati is an immersive experience that celebrates the joy of trying various flavours and cuisines. Our identity seeks to reflect the culinary talent and wanderlust, escorting visitors on a global culinary journey.


Each illustration and design decision has been carefully chosen to inspire awe and curiosity. It's an invitation to appreciate mouthwatering food and the tales and ideas that inspire each creation.

Roadies Rostel
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