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Social Media Management 

Flavourbox partnered with TACT to establish a unique brand identity and build a robust online community through social media campaigns. 

Flavorbox is a gourmet food company offering cooking kits crafted from scratch using the best ingredients out there, with the most delicious results. Their gourmet recipes are tested and easy to follow, with prepped & portioned ingredients and products delivered directly to your doorstep

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Our Approach

We brought their brand identity to life with playful, colourful and fresh designs. We helped them connect to more people and grow their audience. All of this was done with a unique style that is authentic to them – because we believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the power of design and brand tone.

We conveyed an appealing brand impression with a fresh photoshoot with playful elements to better convey their high-quality recipes and ingredients. 
We also constructed their social media pages, with more dynamic elements & layouts. Because how you market, matters a lot!

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