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Alaknanda TMT Bars

(Universal TMT Bars)

Social Media Management

Firstly, Universal TMT bar is an industry giant. As a result, they have invested their resources to provide high-grade reinforcement bars which are essential to shaping the future of India. Therefore, their goal with their social media platforms was to engage their audience and build an instructive and elaborate digital presence.

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Our Approach

We curated a feast of colour palettes and graphics to match the conviction Universal TMT holds towards their clients. Each graphic includes a message to resonates with the brand’s characteristics. You will find our team’s illustration for Universal TMT which interactively highlights key brand attributes and emotions. 
Certainly, we worked with Virco on a wide breadth of valuable content. For instance, from design strategy to execution, planning intuitive information about the brand to old and new clients.

Universal TMT Bar has a range of products in reinforcement to cater to different client needs. Our strategy organizes their views visually on social media platforms using colours and graphics in multiple combinations. We designed robust, reliable and flexible content management that builds a consistent brand image leading to a better brand authority in the industry.

Most importantly, the new corporate social outlook is a harmony of configurable content with rich variety and alignment. Therefore, with our strategic collaboration, the social media platform sits within an industry leadership position. Since its launch, we have grown its brand and established it with consistent efforts.

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