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Miss Ginko


Miss Ginko is an Asian artisanal food restaurant in the city of joy- Kolkata. Ginkōis Japanese for ‘Longevity’. The brand's purpose is to connect with the audience and have them experience the emotion of Asian mysticism. 

The identity highlights traditional Asian aesthetics, fused with the contemporary lifestyle. For the brand's assets, the traditional crests of has been adapted to a new modern aesthetic, with icons and motifs. The colour palette has been designed alongside the graphic elements to work with vibrating tones.

Our Approach

A warm endearing balanced out with bold, chic typography. The illustration of the crane and Ginko leaves blended together for the perfect reflection of the brand's personality. The logo relies on symbolism and an enriching storyline to set expectations for the audience which makes it easier to remember.

Taking into account our client's know-how, based on the fresh product and the market environment, we carried out a communication strategy that maintained the visual codes. Defining a tone of close and friendly communication that would allow us to connect with the public of Kolkata.

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