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Social Media Management

Goados pushes the boundaries of fashion while still keeping simplicity in classic staple pieces. Their pieces are designed to allow the customer to express themselves through clothing.
What is it, and who is it for? Goados asked us to help design content to connect with their target demographic. With a significant amount of clothing brands, it can be hard to stand out. We worked closely with Goados’s team to create a remarkable visual style, in keeping with the brand and improve sale conversions with a simplified outlook.

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Our Approach

We understand that brands aren’t living in the isolation. When we're creating the foundation of the visual identity, where the brand is a living entity, we design keeping that in mind.
While fast fashion is cheap and intended for short-term use, Goados propagates sustainable fashion. TACT highlights Goados consciousness in the life cycle of the product- design, material sourcing and production.

It is time for every industry to reconsider its social and environmental impacts and act responsibly also following the change in consumer behaviour towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
TACT feels privileged to work with Goados who are changing the status quo of the fashion industry for good. Our multidisciplinary team provides strategic marketing and design services to enable the growth of ethical fashion and lifestyle.
We help you in telling your unique story, understanding, targeting and reaching your target audiences effectively, while increasing brand awareness, increasing sales and turning your customers into brand ambassadors.

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