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Nirdhan, a not-for-profit charitable organisation was founded in 2011. They provide livelihood promotion programmes through backyard poultry farming to the people who are below the poverty line according to international standards.

The organisation contacted TACT to flip its existing brand into an identity that inspires everyone. 

Our Approach

The original brand identity wasn't engaging and lacked recognition. With the new brand visual image, we were able to attract institutional donors and make it trending to support the organisation. For the brand presentation, we took a minimalistic yet powerful approach by flipping the use of their existing colour palette. Cool and trendy colours that have a global aspect to them, but aren't stereotypical. Together, the whole scheme created a visually dynamic new look, that reinforces the idea of a more promising future.

Brand Identity Dynamic Shift 

We equipped the Nirdhan team with all the tools they’d need to take ownership of their incredible story. These included new brand assets such as fonts, colours, and a new set of graphics representing their services and values for their key messages.

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