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Branding, Packaging & Social Media Management 

GourBae is bringing a new outlook to superfood. Each product is manufactured with the best quality sourced ingredients. The demand for organic and healthy food is rising rapidly everywhere around the globe. Organic products create a healthy lifecycle for the environment. That is what GourBae is vouching for.

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Our Approach

The briefing required a proactive yet simple attitude that would work for the natural aesthetics of the product, which could also be taken to groceries stores in the future. TACT took into account the young and diverse audience, the creative approach inspired by an optimistic tagline “Gourmet Before Anything Else”. It brings a series of connected elements to communicate the brand’s personality. The colour palette brings nature to mind and the typography puts forth the minimal aspect of the aesthetics.

With a single brand green, an austere pattern, and their icon and logotype finally connected, the brand’s shelf presence is more pronounced and they can start building valuable equity into a core set of brand elements. The graphic elements adorn the appearance of the brand, especially in its visual identity included in its packaging designs.

The illustrations have a hint of fun that states that having organic is a different way of lifestyle, uplifting the state of mind. The context explores clean and objective communication that provokes the perception of Health. 

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