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Playschool & Montessori


Hooray Playschool is a pre-school-level education institute in Kolkata. Setting themselves apart from traditional ways of education, their philosophy is to encourage learning by using various activities and experiences for immersive and engaging holistic knowledge of the child.

Our Approach

The goal was to create an interactive playful and modern palette for designing their collaterals with our graphic design expertise. The designs cater towards showcasing how the school provides a strong foundation for their students. We aim to conjure a cohesive brand identity to reflect warmth and care along with the development of the child.

A vibrant, pop, harmonious colour palette helped bring in tenderness and sophistication, differentiating it from its competitors. This extended and exhaustive approach helped the brand team visualise various opportunities and opened new doors of expansion. the design language was manifested across the touch points. The graphics created by TACT will create a cohesive expression of the playschool including their digital marketing strategies.

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