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Re-Branding, Packaging & Social Media Management 

Ovenly is a fresh dessert shop based in Mumbai. TACT was not only tasked with bringing its online presence up to date but also giving the bakery a major rebrand, including a new visual identity, content writing, food styling, photoshoot and updating their packaging.


They wanted their social media platforms to be forwarding thinking, utilising the latest design trends keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.

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Our Approach

So, the re-branding and visual identity consisted of us producing new typographies, graphic elements, and colour palettes. 
We believe that your brand is how people perceive you hence we injected a little brand personality by creating a chatty, personable copy that embraced wordplay and wasn’t afraid of a pun or two.

We also combined a delicate colour palette with enticing food photography that worked hand in hand with fresh illustrations to create an exciting experience that would, quite literally, whet the customer’s cravings.

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