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Diamond Agro Products

Re-branding, Website

Diamond Argo Products is invested in building the future of farming. They enable global sourcing and procurement for agri-commodities, while also resolving demand-supply gaps in the international trade of food grains, animal feed, spices, superfoods, and others.

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Our Approach

In an era of new-age technology and information overabundance, TACT focuses on simplifying communication while using elite visual storytelling. The challenge we face when rethinking their identity and designing their website comes from decluttering and organising content.

Website Design 


Diamond Argo Products was looking for a minimal, new digital home to express themselves. Crafted worked closely with the brand to design and develop a beautiful responsive experience where customers could learn about the product, explore its services, and connect with them from the website.


They were at a pivotal moment, making significant shifts with new strategic sourcing, product innovations and exciting brand partnerships. It was the right moment to revitalize their brand, retelling the story of Diamond Argo Products and how they’re evolving to meet emerging customer needs.


Rebranding Logo Design


Using a strategic approach, we helped Diamond Agro Products to rejuvenate its brand identity and implement it systematically and efficiently. We started the project with in-depth interviews with key internal and external stakeholders to better understand their audience, pain points, along with the ongoing brand journey and personality.


Awe-struck streamlined procurement channels of Diamond Argo Products, our team developed a brand expression system that mirrors the directness of Diamond Argo Products. Built on an earthy yet global colour palette, dynamic graphics and a tone of voice that looks to the bright side. The new brand embodies the art and science of colour central to the brand—vividly expressing its story and experience spectrum at every touchpoint.

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