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Studio Falcon

Social Media Management

Studio Falcon is an architectural and interior design firm that believes in crafting spaces that embody your individuality. Our unique approach to design ensures that every project is curated with innovative ideas that seamlessly blend with your personality, creating an extension of your essence.


At TACT, we had the privilege of collaborating with Studio Falcon, spearheading their marketing, branding, and content endeavours. With a shared passion for design that embraces personal expression, we wove the brand's philosophy into every aspect of our work.

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Our Approach

Studio Falcon is more than just an architectural and interior design firm; it's a journey of transforming spaces into bespoke havens. With a keen eye for detail, our marketing strategy is driven by the desire to resonate with individuals seeking spaces beyond the ordinary. Through captivating storytelling and engaging content, we invite our audience to envision a world of endless possibilities where their dreams of an ideal space come to life.

Our branding reflects the essence of Studio Falcon's philosophy – a commitment to empowering clients to embrace their uniqueness. With elegance and grace, our designs evoke a sense of sophistication that mirrors the firm's unwavering dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.


The heart of Studio Falcon lies in curating spaces that encapsulate your essence, where every corner is a testament to your taste and vision. It's an invitation to embark on a design journey that celebrates your individuality and narrates the story of who you are.


With each project, we seek to create an emotional bond between the space and its inhabitants, making it a sanctuary of comfort and inspiration. Studio Falcon designs spaces that not only elevate aesthetics but also uplift spirits.


As we poured creativity into content creation, we endeavoured to showcase the firm's expertise in crafting environments that redefine living. Through informative and engaging content, we share valuable insights and design inspirations with our audience.

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