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Nutriven was founded to address malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, and hidden hunger in India and other countries. They draw on their extensive experience in agriculture commodities to offer comprehensive solutions and expertise in food fortification that help achieve this goal. 


We love a challenge here at TACT, so being tasked with creating a new website for a new thought-provoking enterprise was an exciting prospect.

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Our Approach

TACT equipped Nutriven with an engaging minimal platform that helps its business, partners and other stakeholders change the world. We focused to create a brand with purpose and proposition with clarity and express their business integration with social good. The UI/ UX design celebrates Nutriven’s aim of the holistic growth of humanity using technology. Delightfully simple and full of personality makes them stand out in the crowd.

By building on their purpose, we created a visual language that could flex our approach to everything through a system of prominence, the system creates a thoughtful, intuitive, inspiring website which supports their new projects, brand values and messaging. Rich verbal and visual identity brings to life the quirk and irreverence that made Nutriven memorable. 


We produced a performance-focused website that aligns with our creative capabilities while reflecting their professional approach and extensive experience.

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