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Our Featured Projects

Work that worked wonders! Scroll to see some of our featured projects.



Miss Ginko is an Asian artisanal food restaurant in the city of joy- Kolkata. Ginkō is Japanese for ‘Longevity’. The brand's purpose is to connect with the audience and have them experience the emotion of Asian mysticism.

Roadies Rostel

Spatial Branding, Graphic Design

Roadies Rostel is an adventurous haven designed exclusively for spirited youth and intrepid travellers. This network of hotels aims to instil the essence of Roadies, the beloved pop-culture phenomenon, into every traveller's journey. 


Social Media Management, Content Writing

The house of AC from Kolkata aims to deliver design uniquely, with a combination of creativity and craftsmanship. The interior design industry is competitive where a unique proposition helps establish authority in the market. A solid brand literature strategy is key in facilitating this goal.

Eori BioLeather

Social Media Management

Eori is a brilliant innovation in the field of sustainable clothing. Eori offers a tremendous advancement in plant-based vegan leather, providing a high-performing and moral substitute that causes no environmental impact.


Branding & Social Media Management

A revolution in fashion with an iconic, fresh perspective in luxury couture. Our team developed a robust social and aesthetic experience targeted at female millennials. 
AAxA connects with uber-chic women through bespoke fashion finesse.

Rohan Pariyar

Social Media Management

Redefining the craft of corsetry is a goal for Rohan Pariyar, the high-end modern corset designer. Rohan Pariyar's magnificent collection reinvents the mediaeval-laced jacket as a stunning item of apparel in and of itself.


Social Media Management

Sozenkari is a modern ethnic and occasion-wear clothing brand infused with contemporary thinking that makes handcrafted designs inspired by various cultures worldwide.


Branding & Social Media Management

Lá Waffle is a waffle exclusive connoisseur with an artistic and artisanal approach to indulgence making. It is located in the fast-paced city of Gurgaon.


Social Media Management

Goados pushes the boundaries of fashion while still keeping simplicity in classic staple pieces. Their pieces are designed to allow the customer to express themselves through clothing. What is it, and who is it for? Goados asked us to help design content to connect with their target demographic.

We worked with TACT to re-brand our NGO-Nirdhan. They assisted us by understanding what we wanted to achieve to develop a quality brand identity and designed and provided associated creatives.
We are very happy with all the work the TACT team did for us and would highly recommend them for design solutions.

Vasant Subrahmanyan
Chairman and Director of Nirdhan
Nirdhan Development and Microfinance

It has been a pleasure working with the TACT team full of fresh ideas and a sense of aesthetics. We’re so pleased with the professional and systematic work culture that we’re eager to sign long-term contracts with the team we initially contacted for a one-time project. Creativity is contagious, so glad to have TACT passing it on to us.
Looking forward to a continued fulfilling experience.

Namrata De
Central Modern School

As a new company trying to create a brand, story and identity we were stuck until we met the TACT team.  They took our vague concepts and ideas and created so much more than a logo and some pretty graphics. They helped us discover our story and identity. 

If you're wondering if TACT is the right choice for your branding needs, the answer is YES!! I recommend getting on a call with this amazing team!

Steve Donofrio
Sidekick and Chief coffee getter
WeFixGaps Professional Services 

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